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Finally, music lessons for Melbourne students

can be conducted back at the studio here in Keysborough...

Instrument Lessons

Whether you want to become a professional concert pianist, a keyboard player, a classical guitarist, a professional drummer, a lead guitar player, a session bass player, or just learn to play a musical instrument for your own personal satisfaction, I can teach you and help you achieve your goals. I teach each of the above instrument lessons for one hour per session per week. Thirty-minute lessons are available for younger students on a case to case basis.


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Vocal Music Education  
Vocal Music Education

This vocal music course will show you the Fundamentals and the basic principles of vocal music. It will guide you into the Advanced Level where you can learn and practice my tested and proven techniques and exercises to improve your vocal range and enhance your vocal quality.


Most importantly, this course will show you how to move up to the Professional Level where you will learn the secrets of how professional singers really do it.


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Music Fundamentals
Music Fundamentals

This is a 12-week preparatory course that will teach you the rudiments of music. Each of the 12 lessons runs for an hour every week delivered in a class format. Only a maximum of10 students are allowed per class due limited classroom space.


Upon completion of this beginner music theory course, you will be more equipped to make a decision which musical instrument you want to learn how to play.


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Special Programs & Services  
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I also teach Songwriting, Vocal Arrangement, Choir Training and Conducting. These are special programs for those who are really serious about their career in the music industry.


As a qualified and experienced business coach, I also provide coaching services for those who want to start in their own business in the music industry.


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