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BEN NOYNAY, Music Teacher

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As a Music Teacher, Ben incorporates the principles of empowerment into his lessons which will then lead to an effective collaboration between the teacher and the student or the parents in a way that opens the doors of ownership, responsibility and accountability for both of them.

Once officially enrolled, you will begin a challenging yet enjoyable journey of learning music with a focused objective of achieving excellence by developing and maximizing your God-given gifts and talents, and eventually converting them into skillful performances that you can share with the world.

BEN NOYNAY, Business Coach

As a Business Coach, Ben focuses on teaching and guiding you how to grow your business by using the tools and resources of RIGHT Coaching Systems. He will help you achieve both your business and personal goals in order to enjoy an abundant, well-balanced, and fulfilling lifestyle.

As the founder of RIGHT Coaching Systems, Ben sets high standards with how he coaches his clients based on Respect, Integrity, Gratitude, Honesty, and Trust. According to him, you can be a successful business owner and a good person at the same time. Once your coaching relationship with Ben starts, he will be there with you every step of the way until you achieve your business and your personal goals.

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