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Discover ...

How You Can

Improve Your Vocal Range

and Enhance Your Vocal Quality

And Begin To Sing Professionally

Even If You Think You're Not a Professional Singer!


Enroll Now 

"Learn To Sing Professionally In 90 Days"

(If you live in Melbourne, Australia, click here to book your seat for the course)

Attention All Singers:


Let me introduce to you a vocal music course that will teach you how to sing professionally in 90 days.

Yes, in a matter of 90 days, this course will show you how to improve your vocal range and enhance your vocal quality using my proven techniques and exercises that I've taught to my students for more than 40 years.  These techniques and exercises have helped so many amateur singers and choral groups of all ages become professional performers and choral champions that won awards of distinctions in many competitions.

The title of the course itself is... "Learn To Sing Professionally In 90 Days™."

But before I continue, let me first introduce myself...







My name is Ben Noynay and I've been teaching music since 1975. My main forte is in teaching people how to sing professionally using my tested and proven techniques and exercises.

Yes, I've been teaching people how to sing for more than 40 years. If you want to know more about me, may I invite you to visit my official website as a professional artist at, or click here to check out the different choral groups I taught over the years.


Now, let's get back to the Vocal Music Course I was talking about earlier. As I said the title of the Course is "Learn To Sing Professionally In 90 Days™."

If you think you are already a professional singer, my course will help you take your singing career to the next level.

If you think you are still an amateur singer up to now, my course will show you step-by-step how you can learn to sing professionally in a matter of 90 days.

If you haven’t started yet and you really want to sing, don’t worry, "Learn To Sing Professionally In 90 Days™", will...

  • Show you the Fundamentals and the basic principles of vocal music...

  • Guide you to progress into the more Advanced Level where you can learn and practice my tested and proven techniques and exercises to improve your vocal range and enhance your vocal quality...

  • And... If you are really serious about singing, my Course will...

  • Show you how to move up to the Professional Level where you will learn the secrets of professional performances...



Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn from "Learn To Sing Professionally In 90 Days™"

  • You’ll discover how to easily classify your voice so that you will know which songs suit your vocal range and which songs might cause damage to your vocal cords...

  • How to improve your vocal range to a level that will make you sing the songs you've always wanted to sing...

  • How to enhance your voice quality to a level that you have always dreamed of...

  • How to identify the good points of your voice that you have no idea you already have...

  • How to effectively apply correct breathing support and exercises when you sing without being aware of it as if it is already part of your normal singing routine...

  • What preparations you should be doing before every performance in order to overcome shyness, nervousness, and stage fright...

  • How to apply the power of idealization and visualization to effectively help you perform better on stage and in the recording studio so that at the end of every performance, instead of feeling tired, you will actually feel fulfilled and satisfied...

  • How to avoid common mistakes even professional singers make before, during, and after performances...

  • How to easily move up from Beginner’s Level to Advanced Level to Professional Level in a matter of 3 months with the confidence that you need to step into your new singing career knowing that you can really make it big time...

  • How to identify which direction you should take in your vocal music career...



"Learn To Sing Professionally In 90 Days™" will show you how you can learn to sing professionally in just 90 days, even if you think you are not a professional singer.

I know it’s a big statement and you might be wondering why I am able to say that.

Well... I’ve been singing professionally and teaching vocal music to individual students and choral groups for quite a long time, so I know what I’m talking about.

As a matter of fact, the content of "Learn To Sing Professionally In 90 Days™" is a compilation of the fundamentals, mechanics, techniques and exercises I have been using with my students for more than four decades that created professional singers and champion choral groups.

The techniques and exercises suggested in "Learn To Sing Professionally In 90 Days™" have been actually tested with different students and are proven that they really work.

Ben Noynay38.jpg

just listen to what my students have to say

"In less than two months, I noticed a big difference in my singing. Using the phrasing and breathing techniques taught in "Learn To Sing Professionally In 90 Days™", I was able to sing all the sustained notes of my favourite song very confidently without straining my vocal cords."

-- Melanie Silva

Melbourne, Australia

"Well, one thing I will never forget about singing is to INTERNALIZE the song. You've got to have the 'feel' for it. That's what Mr. Ben Noynay taught me. The dynamics are as important as internalization... like how you perform or project on stage by being relaxed not tense. And the inhale/exhale exercises..., he would really know if I am doing the exercises or not. Every morning before I get out of bed, I have to practice my breathing exercise. I learned a lot from Mr. Noynay, but most of all, he taught me SELF-CONFIDENCE. Way back then, I never thought I could sing a very high note. But with the help of the breathing exercise & the self-confidence sessions, I was able to do it." 

-- Laura Bacus
Cebu City, Philippines

"I was lucky to have had the privilege of being a student of coach Ben Noynay back in 1989 at the Salonga Music Studio Cebu. Though it was only for about half a year, I learned a lot, techniques and all, from him especially the important principles that provided strength, encouragement and affirmation to my musical inclinations. Those valuable lessons helped me a lot as I put my God-given gifts to good use, being part of a church choir and when I sing in some social gatherings. I also became a singer entertainer for about 10 years at a 5-star beach resort. My never-ending thanks and gratitude to coach Ben, then, for that wonderful time I enjoyed learning with him, may more benefits as he passes on his great talents through (and including) coaching."

 -- Galen Lumapas
Christchurch, New Zealand

"I have found Ben a very patient and encouraging singing teacher. Im still on my journey in life and still continue to learn things along the way but the lessons that Ben has instilled in me will remain to be passed on to our future generations. I would not hesitate to recommend any future singing or music student to Ben. He is truly a man used by God to impart his gifts and talents to many students. Thank you Ben for sharing your love and friendship."

 -- Prince Searancke
Melbourne, Australia

Although I have to warn you! It might not be as easy as you think, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be worth it. Obviously, there is work to be done.

For those who have the gift of the singing voice, this might not be difficult at all. But for those who don’t have the gift, this will be quite challenging. However, with the techniques and exercises taught in "Learn To Sing Professionally In 90 Days™", your journey will surely become less difficult and more enjoyable.

"I could still remember how difficult it was to comply with one simple requirement to sing with a rounded mouth. I had to bring an egg every time I had lessons and my teacher used to ask me to put the egg in my mouth for 3-5 minutes without breaking it. O boy... was that hard. Little did I know that that simple exercise would help me to improve the quality of my voice? At the start, I found the exercise a bit silly. But in the long run, especially when I was already teaching vocal music to a choral group, I found out that having a rounded mouth when singing really produces a better vocal quality."

By following all the instructions and exercises in "Learn To Sing Professionally In 90 Days™", you will soon see the amazing results of how the quality of your singing voice can be enhanced and how your vocal range can be improved.


You must probably be wondering how much you have to invest to take advantage  of "Learn To Sing Professionally In 90 Days™" I'll get into that in a minute. First, let me ask you a personal question...

"If you could enroll in a Vocal Music Course that will show you how to learn all the techniques to help and guide you in fulfilling your dream to become a professional singer in 90 days, how much would you be willing to pay for it?"

If you are really serious about your dream, your answer would be: "I don’t care how much I am going to pay for it."

But let’s be practical about it? C’mon ... would you say $1,000? That would be a very low investment, don’t you think?

Realize this: You have in your hands the most practical Course on Vocal Music that will show YOU...

Everything you need to know how to improve your vocal range and enhance you vocal quality not just to an average standard where you can sing along in a Karaoke environment... but to a professional level where recording companies are queuing to offer you a recording contract for your first single or album...

I would be more inclined to think that you will be willing to pay whatever the cost might be, won’t you?

Plus, "Learn To Sing Professionally In 90 Days™" will also show YOU...

How you can perform for two to three hours without feeling tired because you learn how to keep your stamina up 100% all the time throughout the entire concert.


Let's get back to business.

Well, the good news is ...

For those who are residing in Melbourne, Australia, the course "Learn To Sing Professionally In 90 Days™" is offered at my music studio. To enroll and take up the course physically, simply register online via our Booking & Registration Form. I will then confirm your booking either through email or by phone and you'll be starting your first session with me.

And the better news is ...

NOW, you’ll have the opportunity to take up this course online... that's right! "Learn To Sing Professionally In 90 Days™" is now offered online. And at this point, you are probably thinking of recorded video tutorials either on DVD's or downloadable that somehow will guide you through the entire process of becoming a professional singer. Let me tell you... it's far from any of that.

This is a REAL course, in REAL time...

Yes, "Learn To Sing Professionally In 90 Days™" is offered online in REAL time with me as your live vocal music coach.

Really! Yes, really!

We will have an actual vocal music coaching session in real time on video and online using video conferencing apps like ZOOM, Messenger, Hangouts, Meets, Duo, Skype, Livestream, Hot Conference, etc. Any of these programs will do for as long as I can see and hear you and you can see and hear me. Personally I suggest using ZOOM because it's easy to use. 

And the GREATEST NEWS is...

You can enroll today starting from AUD$70.00 per one hour session. I'm sorry to inform you that I don't do 30 minute sessions because I believe it's just a waste of time. So the minimum length per session is one hour.

That's it. It's really that simple and easy.


Take action now and take advantage of this great opportunity to learn from a professional vocal music coach who has been doing it for more than 40 years. Enroll in "Learn To Sing Professionally In 90 Days™" and let me teach you how to ...

Improve Your Vocal Range and Enhance Your Vocal Quality So You Can Begin To Sing Professionally.

So what are you waiting for?



I’m really excited about your decision to pursue your dream to become a professional singer. I wish you all the success you deserve in your singing career.

All the best and enjoy your learning,


Ben Noynay
Professional Vocal Music Coach

P.S. Just imagine, in a matter of 90 days... You’ve improved your vocal range and enhanced your vocal quality so that you are now able to sing the songs that you love to sing. You are able to gain so much confidence in your singing and you have completely overcome shyness, nervousness, or stage fright. You can be recording your first single or album and you are well on your way to fulfilling your dream to be a professional singer.

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