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Piano Solo Arrangements by Ben M. Noynay

Thank you for your interest in my piano solo arrangements.


If you have been wanting to play your favorite popular songs, may I invite you to browse my collections by scrolling down this page. Select the song that you like to learn, play the sliding sheet music video, and click the link to download the sheet music.


Levels of playing skills are available from Beginners to Intermediate, to Advanced students.


Sheet Music of these arrangements are available at SheetMusicPlus.


Maybe you want to try one of my arrangements first.
Click the sheet music image below to download the pdf version.

Beautiful Girl.png

PERFECT in G Major

The original published Key signature of this beautiful song by Ed Sheeran is Ab major. This arrangement is in the Key of G major designed for Beginners.  Of course, Intermediate and advanced students can also play this arrangement with ease. The original Key of Ab major is also available when you click the link below.

To download the Sheet Music, CLICK HERE



This an easy piano arrangement of a very popular song by Christina Perri. Intended for Beginners, this arrangement is set in its original key of B Flat major with a simplified 3/4 Time Signature.

To download the Sheet Music, CLICK HERE


Set in its original Bb Key Signature, this arrangement is intended for intermediate students who have developed control of their fingers to play variations of trills and octave melodic progressions in both hands. Of course, beginners and early intermediate students can also learn this piece, although it might take a little bit longer to master. But I promise you, if you put in the time and effort to learn it, it's going to be worth it.

To download the Sheet Music, CLICK HERE

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